Wednesday, August 31, 2011

another test knit

I have been doing some test knitting for Mishellee Zaharis of Haute Knit Designs and am in love with her work!  I made her Kourtney shirt, then test knit her Ursula, and now I am pleased to show you my test knit for Whitney.  It is such a cute, top down sweater with a diagonal ribbed edging and 3-quarter length sleeves.  I am working on those sleeves now but wanted to share with you my pictures.  This yarn...  AHHHHH so beautiful and soft and amazing!!!  I think I'll have a skein left... what to do?!?!?!

Happy Knitting!!!

is it really over?

Is the summer really over?  Does this teacher really have to go back to school next week?  I actually cannot believe how much I thought I was going to get accomplished - and what I actually did.  I have made some progress though:

Here is my mother's "Not So Silky Camisole":

I have some more work to do finishing up on a new test knit for Haute Knit Designs.  Another blog update tonight, maybe?  I really have been slipping on the blogging...

Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

another beautiful year

2 years ago, I married the best man in the world!  He is incredible and we have had such a wonderful start of our life together.  I am just as happy now as I was that beautiful August day.  

I'll leave the knitting for tomorrow...  NIGHT!!!