Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I just got back from a trip to visit my in-laws in Florida for a week.  Spending a week with an 11 month old in the warm weather is somewhat tricky.  Harrison is a crawling maniac right now, but it was hard to let him crawl around the pool area and even inside where the "evil", lizard-eating miniature dachshund, Abby, lives. The beach with a baby is not very relaxing/enjoyable, either...  Trying to keep him from eating the sand, keeping his hat on and staying out of the sun was exhausting!  He did really LOVE the pool.  He loved to splash and kick and, man, did he look cute:

I am working on a new pattern Sweetness by Tin Can Knits.  I am not sure what I am doing with the cowl, but I bought some beautiful Berroco Weekend Yarn and I thought this would be a perfect knit.  I love the lightness of the yarn... but it does split a bit.  I chose to do the cowl in one color and am really loving it... It just doesn't seem to be growing at all!  Does this ever happen to you? You knit and knit and then measure and the project never gets longer?!?!?!?!  It is soooooo annoying!  I am getting slightly bored with the pattern, so I decided to cast on some socks too... Keep it interesting.

I went to the local yarn shop, Love-2-Knit searching for the perfect sock yarn.  I chose Tanis Lavalee's Business Casual pattern because I love the look of the faux argyle.  It looked so interesting and fun to knit!  I also desperately wanted to try out Tanis' yarn for the first time and I had seen it at the store.  Unfortunately, they were in short supply and had no sock yarn because Tanis recently had a baby...  I mean, what kind of an excuse is that?!?!?!?!  The lovely co-owner, Gayle, invited me to their open knit events... oh how I wishI could go sit with a bunch of other knitters and knit...  I wonder if my baby monitor would connect down the street...  (JUST KIDDING!!!)  Anyway, Gayle led me to another beautiful sock yarn Sweet Georgia... and it is lovely.  I convinced myself that when I got to the end of the first skein for "Sweetness", that I could cast on my socks.  The pattern is so easy to follow and just complicated enough to keep my interest.  I love the yarn texture and I think I love the way the color is wrapping around the pattern... It sort of twists up the leg... You see what I mean?

I think I might have liked it better if the colors evenly mixed throughout... what do you think?  Harrison will give me another 15 minutes or so before he wakes up from his nap... Maybe I can get through another round on the socks... or should I finish Sweetness first? UGH!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

baby joel

 My sister had a baby in April.  Baby Joel is beautiful! He has blue eyes and blond hair just like his auntie!  He sleeps a lot and loves to snuggle.  It's hard to knit a lot with all these boys around, but somehow, I managed something!

Joel Allen born April 4, 2013

Baby Joel and Auntie <3
Me holding Joel and my sister with my son, Harrison
I knit this beautiful blue blanket for Joel and it is perfect for his car seat.  This Berroco DK yarn was wonderful to knit with.  I loved this pattern and will definitely be making another one. 

I am working on a secret cowl for my mom.  I will post some pictures of that soon.  Until then...

Happy Knitting