Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oh ravelry... too many patterns - too little time

This weekend we spent time at Highland Lake in New York visiting Michael's family.  It was absolutely beautiful out and we relaxed and I knit all weekend long!  I feel so lucky to have such beautiful places to go and relax with loved ones.  Michael's aunt Mel is a fellow knitter and she spent the weekend rubbing it in that in 4 days she would be RETIRED!!!  She told me she has created a book of patterns she plans on knitting during all of her free time!  I am so jealous... and to think she doesn't even use Ravelry!  I started to tell her about it and she said she was afraid to check it out, because she already has plans and patterns to keep her busy for years!  I, however cannot stop looking at it and have selected a few more "dream projects" to drool over!  

But first, check out my view for the long weekend:

When will there EVER be a girl for me to knit for?  Oh, and that button!!!
Abagail Sweater by Kay Squared

This hat is just too cute:

Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier

This cowl is just so classy and elegant looking:

Bridget Cowl by Elena Rosenberg

A unique and funky idea for the Fall Fair:

Covered Bangles by Jenny Lord

I am in LOVE with this top... cannot wait to start it!

Kourtney by Mishellee Zaharis

A neat looking Fall sweater maybe?

Olive by Helga Isager

Another adorable baby knit:

Plain Vest by Anna and Heidi Pickles

And another one...

Sea Princess by Elena Nodel

Gloves for a friend of mine:

Urban Necessity Gloves by Colleen Michele Meagher

So that's it.  Not too much to do, right?  Cannot wait to get home and get started.  Only 17 days left of school until Summer Vacation and all my knitting dreams can turn into reality!!!

Happy Knitting!

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