Wednesday, March 30, 2011

birthday wishes

Today is my 27th birthday!  School was great today- my kindergarteners sang to me and I got cards and they were so cute!  My husband is taking me to dinner tonight to celebrate and I a starved just thinking about it.  He bought me a bunch of new clothes (haha- I bought them for myself and he handed me the bag this morning!)  and I am dying to get my box of knit pick supplies from my mother!  As soon as I do, this vest can get moving!  I'm putting down my needles and picking up my makeup brushes.  I have to go get ready!  

Enjoy your dinners!

Monday, March 28, 2011

almost finished

We went to New Jersey to celebrate my brother in laws' birthday on Friday night, so I spent the ride down starting a sock for my mother.  I had already made 1 sock for her, but the yarn was such a horrible color that I couldn't even finish the second pair!  The colors in the skein looked like it would turn out neat- I really just can't believe I actually knitted with this yarn!  Even Michael said it was ugly- the man who normally glances at everything I make and says "it's nice!"  See, look how ugly:

That really is an orange, teal, lime green and magenta sock... and my mother picked it out!  I hope she likes this one better:

I actually bought this yarn for myself, but I think she'll like it a lot more than the orange one...  now I just have to bring myself to make the pair for the ugly one- maybe someone will want it at the Fall Fair!

I finished making the sweater for Connor.  I just need to buy some buttons and sew them on.  I am planning on packaging each knitted thing in a separate box with another item (probably a book, rubber ducky and rattle) and tie them all sweetly with sea-themed ribbon (it's a nautical themed baby shower).  I hope she loves it as much as I do!  I cannot wait to make the sweater again (in a much bigger size) for my beautiful nephew, Owen.

I am also making Owen his first Easter sweater vest (probably one of many to come!).  I have chosen the cabled baby vest by Whitney Van Nes.  I started the trim on the car ride, but am waiting for my birthday (WEDNESDAY!!!!) presents from my mother.  She bought me the interchangeable Harmony needles and I cannot wait to use them to start the body of the vest.  I love the color she chose, though.  Owen is going to look amazing!

I am obviously going to be knitting.  Hope you are too!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

who knew a pom pom could make the hat?

I finished the knitting.  I tied on the straps.  But the hat looked unfinished.  I knew a pom pom had to be done.  I've never made one before.  I googled and you-tubed (are those verbs?!?!) and figured it out.  My first attempt ended with cursing and tiny pieces of cut yarn all over the floor.  My second attempt was not much better.  I almost gave up, but the hat had to have a pom pom!  It needed a pom pom.  I tried one more time...

If you think it's cute on my couch, wait until you see it on my  
beautiful nephew, Owen!

Happy Knitting!

ravelry dream projects

Sometimes, with a work in progress on my needles and a deadline approaching, I somehow manage to put it down (sometimes mid row!) and stare longingly at the beautiful projects I could be starting on Ravelry!  Why is it that I can be in the middle of 3,4,5, sometimes 6 projects and still yearn to start more?!?!?!  Well, my queue is quickly becoming overloaded with projects I can't wait to start.  I thought I'd share some of the beautiful FREE patterns I have recently become obsessed with:

Maybe a project for me:

For a friend's baby girl!  (Finally girl knits!):
Little Sister's Dress by Tora Froseth Design

A new sock pattern?:
Leyburn Socks by Minty Fresh
Bags for the Fall Fair:
Suzy Q by Angelique den Brok

Scarf for the Fall Fair:
Chunky Braided Scarf by Jimenita

A vest for Owen (maybe Easter?!?!?!):

Pembroke Vest by Kirsten Kapur

I hope I can finish Connor's sweater tonight so that maybe one of these dreamy patterns can become a reality!  Do you all stalk on Ravelry too?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 21, 2011

ear flaps

I made Owen an ear flap hat to match his new jacket... I bought this amazing cascade bulky yarn, but it was way too big- it almost fit my head!!!  So I reluctantly ripped it out and remade it tonight.  I think I'll try to make a pom pom for the top in the navy color, but I've never made one before.  What's the best way?

Hope to finish the parts for Connor's sweater tomorrow.  
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

baby boy blue

A close friend is having a baby boy this June and her shower is coming up soon.  I bought this amazing yarn from Bella Yarns in Warren, RI and I am in love with it!  I want to make myself something with it, but don't know what... maybe a beautiful scarf or a pair of mittens.  Anyway, Jenn is having a boy to be named Connor and I am making A Very Easy Baby Sweater by Lisa Carnahan.  I doubt Jenn will ever see my blog, so here are some progress pictures:

I also made a hat:
  And some wash cloths for them.  This baby is going to be swimming in handknits.  I taught his grandmother to knit and she is working on an afghan for him, so I didn't want to make him one too... can't upstage the grandmother, you know?  My plan is to package them all sweetly with navy blue ribbon and attach a stuffie to the package.  What have you all given as shower gifts?

Happy Knitting!

Friday, March 18, 2011

spring is in the air

The weather is finally warming up.  All the snow is gone; even our Christmas tree (which has been snow covered since January 1st!) was picked up by the town this week.  Today it hit 70 degrees in Rhode Island!  With the windows and slider open, Maya and I enjoyed the afternoon with the cool breeze flowing through the living room and I got tons done and off my needles!  My sister, Kristin came over with Owen to spend the afternoon together; he would like to say, "Hi!"

I finished up 2 sets of washcloths: 1 for sale here and the other is for a friend's baby shower ... no photos!!!

I also started my friend Jenn's Baby Sweater for her little bundle of joy due in July.  I'm using this new yarn that I have never used before.  It is called Berroco Comfort DK and it is amazing!  It is soft, thin, and such a sweet baby blue color.  I went to a new yarn shop (Bella Yarns) in Warren and the selection was overwhelmingly wonderful!  For the next few hours, I will be sitting here with Maya enjoying this beautiful weather and my beautiful nephew and this beautiful yarn!  Happy weekend, everybody!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

quick pic...

My sister asked if I could make an ear flap hat for Owen... I tried my best- but it is totally the wrong size.  I need to rip it out and start over- but before I do, here is the pic:

I am making a baby set for my friend, Jenn's baby shower.  I made a hat  and will be making a coordinating sweater soon.  Thought I would share this pic as well:

I also started on my "March Socks" last night.  They are a pair for my mother A NEW PATTERN!!!
I don't quite know how I feel about the yarn color, but she picked it!  Here's the starter pic:

I'll be knitting!  
Happy Knitting!

goals and to-do's:

First, an update on last month's To-Do List (# 2):

TO DO List No. 2 of 2011

  • Finish Cabled Blanket... hahahaha!  Did I even touch it this month?
  • FPK Slippers for Deva, Kristin and MaryEllen   Done for Deva and MaryEllen
  • Leash for customer  Done and sold- actually made 2 because 1 was lost in the mail.
  • Socks for Kristin  DONE!!!  So much fun!
So the new To-Do List for this month:

TO DO List No. 3 of 2011

 And I mentioned yesterday that I am the co-chair for my church's Fall Fair.  I have a set list of things I want to have made for the Fair's Craft Table.  I made a list of my goals... it is RIDICULOUS!!!

  1. 3 sets of washcloths
  2. 3 pairs of slippers (s,m,l)
  3. 3 handtowels
  4. 1 baby blanket
  5. 2 pairs of mittens
  6. 2 pairs of socks
  7. 5 sets of 4 coasters
  8. 3 baby hats
I think I am CRAZY!!!  I want to get all of my things done ASAP so that I can start crossing off things on the craft table's list.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

march socks

I learned how to make socks in January and have been hooked... I've bought books and patterns and yarn OH MY!!!  I started with my husband's sock and finished it up in time for his birthday.  He loved his "birthday socks!"

So when February came around, I realized I needed to make another pair of socks... I planned initially to make them mine- but decided to give them to my sister.  I finished the other day and she was gracious enough to have her own little photoshoot in her bathroom to showcase my work!

So I obviously needed to start another pair right away!  I bought The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor.  I decided on the Short-Row Heel Socks. I used the same pattern for my husband's sock and my sister's sock- so I am excited to try something new.  I will definitely post pictures as soon as I have something that even remotely resembles a sock!  

This is going to sound funny, but the Fall Fair is approaching at my church and as the co-chair of the event, I really need to get my knitting all set to sell.  I guess I need to make a few things a month, but I also have some baby shower gifts to knit it up ASAP too!  My hubby and I are headed to Cancun in 40 days and I cannot bring my knitting with us!  I need a plan!  That is my goal for tomorrow's post.  A new/updated to-do list and a goal for the next 40 days.  Until then, you can find me with my new sock or my newest Vogue Knitting magazine snuggled on the couch with Maya.

Happy Knitting Everyone!