Tuesday, April 26, 2011

more ravelry dream projects

I haven't been able to focus on my own knitting because I cannot wait to start designing (and knitting) my own work... but I have had time to stare at others' beautiful work!  Check out some of my new favorites:

I don't even have an iPad... my hubby does though!  He has a case for it, but this one is SO much sweeter!  I did just get a Kindle, so maybe I will alter this pattern:

Maya LOVES herself some yarn, but this would be TOO easy for her to destroy... cute, though:

I just LOVE this cabled bag, where can I find handles like this???

This color is lovely and it flows so nicely:

I know this blanket is simplistic, but that's what I love the most.  I might even buy the most luxurious yarn EVER and knit this for my own self!!!

For more baby showers I have upcoming?

Since I have been able to make socks and hats, this should be no sweat, right?  Plus everyone would be drooling over it at my house this Christmas!  I better get started!

Gosh, I guess I have so much I can do...  where do I start?!?!?!  Gotta put down this computer and pick up my needles!

Happy Knitting

Sunday, April 24, 2011

an update... a long overdue update...

Michael and I spent the week in Cancun enjoying some rest and relaxation in the sun.  But before we could leave, I needed to finish Owen's Easter vest, tie up loose ends and wrap Connor's baby shower gift as well as photograph it all to blog for you!  My dear friends, Jenn and Dan are expecting their first son, Connor and her baby shower was this past Friday.  I finished the gifts just in time...

 The shower was lovely and the guest of honor loved these new knitted gifts.  Of course all my other friends who attended were sure to tell me that they all EXPECT hand knits for their showers as well!  It is actually so nice to know how much they appreciate the beauty of these knitted treasures.  

Michael and I left Sunday morning bright and early for Cancun, Mexico for the week and it was stunning!  Wanna see?

I posted previously about not being sure if I was to bring any knitting for this trip.  Well I did and had made significant progress on a sock (March's socks, still but who cares, right?!?!) and at security coming back to the states, the woman took my needles and I had to watch her throw them away.  I was about to protest as tears (yes, really, tears) welled up in my eyes.  My husband stopped me and I let them go, be ripped away from my project and and resigned to the fact that I will start anew...  I was NOT happy!

I had finished Owen's Easter vest a bit before our trip, and could not wait to see his outfit come together.  I could not have been more pleased with the outcome:

He's looking pretty sharp, I'd say!  I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!  And of course, Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am so excited to say I have finally WON something!!!  Leslie from A Friend to Knit With was offering a giveaway of Knitting Over the Edge by Nicky Epstein...  236 people commented and I WON!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!!  I am 98% finished with Owen's Easter vest and will post a picture ASAP...  But had to tell you all my good news!!!  I plan on spending the summer designing and writing up my own patterns so this will be such a HUGE help! 

Happy Knitting, Friends!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sneaking it in

It was a crazy busy weekend and I have been busy prepping for a seminar this weekend at my church so the knitting/blogging/fun of any kind has stopped...  But I did take some pictures of me sneaking in some K.T. (knitting time!)


At the end of the car ride

Maya was EXHAUSTED too!

Fit in some knitting time before we had to leave for Grandpa's 80th birthday party!

My birthday presents from my parents!!!  Look at all that beautiful yarn!  The needles are amazing too!

Owen's vest had to be ripped out and I started over... twice...

I wish I was knitting instead of working on this seminar, but it will be over soon!  Off to a PawSox game with some friends! 

Happy Knitting (and almost Friday!!!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools

I am not much of a pranker.  I am definitely not a good scare-er.  Michael thinks it is hysterical when I try to scare him, because it usually involves me hiding behind the bed or door or in the closet and attempting to jump out and scare him... and always giggling like a 6 year old girl!  So when April Fools' comes around, I am not jumping up and down with joy.  

I am ashamed to say that my March Socks have fallen by the wayside.  I had to make some presents for a baby shower and fix Owen's ear flap hat 2 times (and it still is in need of improvement!)  And the horrendously ugly yarn mom chose for her socks absolutely ruined my desire to finish them.  I switched to another skein of yarn I bought for my own socks, and am almost done.  I wish I had finished one so I could give the "pair" to her as an April Fools joke.  Yup.  That is about as prank-y as I can get!  Would have looked great, huh?

We are headed to dinner tonight for my father's and my birthdays and will be celebrating my grandfather's 80th birthday all weekend long.  I wonder how much knitting I can sneak in!

Happy Knitting (and Happy Friday!)