Thursday, April 7, 2011

sneaking it in

It was a crazy busy weekend and I have been busy prepping for a seminar this weekend at my church so the knitting/blogging/fun of any kind has stopped...  But I did take some pictures of me sneaking in some K.T. (knitting time!)


At the end of the car ride

Maya was EXHAUSTED too!

Fit in some knitting time before we had to leave for Grandpa's 80th birthday party!

My birthday presents from my parents!!!  Look at all that beautiful yarn!  The needles are amazing too!

Owen's vest had to be ripped out and I started over... twice...

I wish I was knitting instead of working on this seminar, but it will be over soon!  Off to a PawSox game with some friends! 

Happy Knitting (and almost Friday!!!)

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