Sunday, April 24, 2011

an update... a long overdue update...

Michael and I spent the week in Cancun enjoying some rest and relaxation in the sun.  But before we could leave, I needed to finish Owen's Easter vest, tie up loose ends and wrap Connor's baby shower gift as well as photograph it all to blog for you!  My dear friends, Jenn and Dan are expecting their first son, Connor and her baby shower was this past Friday.  I finished the gifts just in time...

 The shower was lovely and the guest of honor loved these new knitted gifts.  Of course all my other friends who attended were sure to tell me that they all EXPECT hand knits for their showers as well!  It is actually so nice to know how much they appreciate the beauty of these knitted treasures.  

Michael and I left Sunday morning bright and early for Cancun, Mexico for the week and it was stunning!  Wanna see?

I posted previously about not being sure if I was to bring any knitting for this trip.  Well I did and had made significant progress on a sock (March's socks, still but who cares, right?!?!) and at security coming back to the states, the woman took my needles and I had to watch her throw them away.  I was about to protest as tears (yes, really, tears) welled up in my eyes.  My husband stopped me and I let them go, be ripped away from my project and and resigned to the fact that I will start anew...  I was NOT happy!

I had finished Owen's Easter vest a bit before our trip, and could not wait to see his outfit come together.  I could not have been more pleased with the outcome:

He's looking pretty sharp, I'd say!  I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!  And of course, Happy Knitting!

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  1. If you prefer baby gifts like an edible centerpiece, consider a tower of cupcakes or cakes. Decorate each cake with ice or plastic toppers to match the shower theme.