Tuesday, March 8, 2011

march socks

I learned how to make socks in January and have been hooked... I've bought books and patterns and yarn OH MY!!!  I started with my husband's sock and finished it up in time for his birthday.  He loved his "birthday socks!"

So when February came around, I realized I needed to make another pair of socks... I planned initially to make them mine- but decided to give them to my sister.  I finished the other day and she was gracious enough to have her own little photoshoot in her bathroom to showcase my work!

So I obviously needed to start another pair right away!  I bought The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor.  I decided on the Short-Row Heel Socks. I used the same pattern for my husband's sock and my sister's sock- so I am excited to try something new.  I will definitely post pictures as soon as I have something that even remotely resembles a sock!  

This is going to sound funny, but the Fall Fair is approaching at my church and as the co-chair of the event, I really need to get my knitting all set to sell.  I guess I need to make a few things a month, but I also have some baby shower gifts to knit it up ASAP too!  My hubby and I are headed to Cancun in 40 days and I cannot bring my knitting with us!  I need a plan!  That is my goal for tomorrow's post.  A new/updated to-do list and a goal for the next 40 days.  Until then, you can find me with my new sock or my newest Vogue Knitting magazine snuggled on the couch with Maya.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. Why can't you bring your knitting with you? Needles are allowed on planes!

  2. I know... it's my husband. I knit ALL the time- just afraid that he would be bummed if I knit on our "romantic vacation!"

    P.S. thanks for commenting! You're the first one!!!