Sunday, March 20, 2011

baby boy blue

A close friend is having a baby boy this June and her shower is coming up soon.  I bought this amazing yarn from Bella Yarns in Warren, RI and I am in love with it!  I want to make myself something with it, but don't know what... maybe a beautiful scarf or a pair of mittens.  Anyway, Jenn is having a boy to be named Connor and I am making A Very Easy Baby Sweater by Lisa Carnahan.  I doubt Jenn will ever see my blog, so here are some progress pictures:

I also made a hat:
  And some wash cloths for them.  This baby is going to be swimming in handknits.  I taught his grandmother to knit and she is working on an afghan for him, so I didn't want to make him one too... can't upstage the grandmother, you know?  My plan is to package them all sweetly with navy blue ribbon and attach a stuffie to the package.  What have you all given as shower gifts?

Happy Knitting!

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