Monday, March 28, 2011

almost finished

We went to New Jersey to celebrate my brother in laws' birthday on Friday night, so I spent the ride down starting a sock for my mother.  I had already made 1 sock for her, but the yarn was such a horrible color that I couldn't even finish the second pair!  The colors in the skein looked like it would turn out neat- I really just can't believe I actually knitted with this yarn!  Even Michael said it was ugly- the man who normally glances at everything I make and says "it's nice!"  See, look how ugly:

That really is an orange, teal, lime green and magenta sock... and my mother picked it out!  I hope she likes this one better:

I actually bought this yarn for myself, but I think she'll like it a lot more than the orange one...  now I just have to bring myself to make the pair for the ugly one- maybe someone will want it at the Fall Fair!

I finished making the sweater for Connor.  I just need to buy some buttons and sew them on.  I am planning on packaging each knitted thing in a separate box with another item (probably a book, rubber ducky and rattle) and tie them all sweetly with sea-themed ribbon (it's a nautical themed baby shower).  I hope she loves it as much as I do!  I cannot wait to make the sweater again (in a much bigger size) for my beautiful nephew, Owen.

I am also making Owen his first Easter sweater vest (probably one of many to come!).  I have chosen the cabled baby vest by Whitney Van Nes.  I started the trim on the car ride, but am waiting for my birthday (WEDNESDAY!!!!) presents from my mother.  She bought me the interchangeable Harmony needles and I cannot wait to use them to start the body of the vest.  I love the color she chose, though.  Owen is going to look amazing!

I am obviously going to be knitting.  Hope you are too!

Happy Knitting!

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