Wednesday, September 28, 2011

where i've been

I was so looking forward to this post.  I was waiting until the perfect time.  And then, life knocked me off my happy feet.  I was looking forward to explaining whose head this was for:

I was narrowing down the project this yarn was for:
I was dreaming of my new life with my amazing husband and new baby when a miscarriage knocked me down.  I was 12 weeks pregnant and still cannot believe this is happening to me/us/me.  Picking up the computer and blogging was the last thing I thought I could do- too depressing and too hard.  But somehow, my knitting has almost helped in the healing process.  It's a quiet, meditative thing to do that has given me the time to myself that I needed.  

I know that soon enough, a little baby will be wearing that adorable hat, wrapped in some beautiful yellow blankie.  

(Sorry for the sadness... I hope you understand)

Happy Knitting.

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