Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After spending 5 years teaching music at a public school in Massachusetts, there are several things I know for sure:
  1. Kindergarten students are VERY funny -  and sometimes wise - one once told me that though airplanes and cars are very dangerous, more people die from coconuts to the head each year than crashes. 
  2. There is always one student listening, even when you don't want them to be.   One of my hearing impaired students wears a listening device... I always need a post it to remind myself "she can hear you!!!"
  3. Summers are very important!
But the thing I am most certain about, is that though we all remember how much we loved snow days as kids (or maybe some might see how much their kids love snow days now...) the people who love snow days most of all are the teachers.  Who would have thought that when we were wishing and hoping for snow to cancel school, that our teachers were praying JUST as hard!?!?!  Well, all the prayers of my colleagues and I have worked!  There is NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!

And my plan for the day? Well to knit of course!  My hubby, puppy and I will snuggle and keep warm while the estimated 16 inches of fluffy white stuff falls down around our little home.  And I cannot wait!  I hope all of you have a great Wednesday!

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