Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sidetracked... but productive

Well, the weekend is here and I was able to get some things accomplished on my TO DO List...  I finished the green set of wash cloths and finally assembled and photographed the candy colored set of wash cloths.  Hit a bump with the FPK Slippers... I did not have enough of the yarn I started with so I've got a new plan...  I will make the sides and strap in a deep purple and keep the soles (what I've already finished) in the charcoal.  I need to find some great buttons; anyone out there have any advice?

But, the most exciting thing of all is I finally was able to consolidate all my knitting things, clean out a space in our spare room, and make a knitting nook!  I am sooooooooo excited!  Things seem cleaner, more organized and a lot more functional.  I turned a small corner of our guest bedroom into my own space.  I just hope the guests wont mind!!!


And now the finished work!!!

I could not be any happier!  So, though my original plan for the day was going to be a lot more knitting, this new space makes me excited about future projects... plus I have a lot of new TO DO Lists to make at that desk!

Happy Knitting!

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